An introduction to the role of animal technologist in biomedical sciences

FUNDING: Two positions at 10 - 12 weeks (full time 36 hours per week, £20,650 per annum)
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LOCATION: Cambridge, UK

James Cruickshank, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, ARES Animal Facility, Cambridge

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Where there are no suitable alternatives, LMB scientists use mice and rats in their research, to understand biological processes at the molecular level, with the aim of tackling major problems in human health including identifying new therapies and cures. LMB animal technologists maintain state of the art facilities to house breeding and experimental colonies of rodents. The successful students will work in the ARES animal facility, joining our teams to primarily look after the care and welfare of our mouse colonies. There will be opportunities to learn about some of the different roles that animal technologists perform and the science behind these, including the production of oocytes and blastocysts and their subsequent microinjection to produce new genetically modified mouse strains, rederivation of dirty mouse strains through into our clean barrier, cryopreservation of gametes, mouse genotyping and stereotaxic surgery. Students will be expected to present their findings orally at a research day in York in September 2024. Owing to the nature of this position, any offer of employment will be subject to satisfactory security screening.