An introduction to the role of animal technologist in biomedical sciences

FUNDING: 10 weeks (full time, 37 hrs per week, £10.57 per hour)
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LOCATION: University of York, UK

Ms. Haley Daniels, Biology Services Facility, York

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Within the discipline of biomedical sciences the generation of pre-clinical data, usually from mice, is a key component of research. At the University of York we undertake this type of work to further our knowledge of the immune and blood system, relating to disorders such as leukaemia and thrombocytopenia, and in infectious neglected tropical diseases such as Schistosomiasis and Leishmania. As part of the scientific support team, the role of animal technologist is key in delivering these robust, biomedical datasets, whilst maintaining the highest animal welfare standards. The successful student will work within the Department of Biology, integrating into our experienced team of animal technologists to understand techniques of animal husbandry, procedural work, and become involved in PCR-based experiments to understand the specific genotype of different mouse colonies. Students will also contribute to the generation of animal technology posters and present their work experience orally at a research day in York in September 2023. Owing to the nature of this position, any offer of employment will be subject to satisfactory security screening.